Make Sure You Hydrate!

Summer is almost here and as the weather gets hotter, you need to drink more. Your body needs water to survive. Making up more than half of your body weight every cell, tissue and part of your body needs water. It helps maintain temperature and keeps your skin looking healthy too. Water is a building block to great health.   

Eat More Fruit!.

Fruits and vegetables contain many essential nutrients for health. They also have few calories, an abundance of fiber, and plant sterols that have been proven effective against heart disease. The National Institute of Health has published a number of studies on why fruit and vegetable consumption is low, with cost ranking highest among reasons..  

Healthy Skin, Hair, Nails, Teeth… it all ads up.

We all want it, so how do you get it, check back soon for a new post on what you can eat to improve your look, strenghen your hair, brighten your teeth and make that skin glow.  

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